Want to see MOONGLOW as a FILM?! Or series of some kind, (TV or web)?! Sound off here and let us know how you feel about bringing this world beyond the page!

It’s no secret that breaking into that sort of thing is ROUGH! Uphill the entire way! But that’s okay. Anything worth doing is worth struggling for. I took the liberty of writing MOONGLOW a screenplay counterpart and am researching avenues to drum up interest/funding for its future beyond the written word — (everything from my own pocket to! — but I NEED your help! If you have a genuine interest in seeing MOONGLOW on the silver screen, (or variety of little screens!), please unload beneath this post. Your views count as general public interest and that is beyond valuable! So, if you’d love to see a rich, highly textured and sincere lesbian love story like MOONGLOW reach its full potential, say your piece, please! We’re dying to hear from you!

  1. This book should be made into a movie !! If I was a movie producer I’d be jumping on this one. The book describes the Moonglow World in such beautiful detail and to see this futuristic fashion world on the silver screen would be awesome. Also the story and concept are very unique and have massive potential I feel. SO COME ON !!! LETS GET THIS ON THE BIG SCREEN !!!!!

Sound Off Here!

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