Rena Hilst – MOONGLOW’s flagstaff supermodel, Rena (or Reenie!) is a bundle of sunshine. Rare is the moment she isn’t smiling. At 22, she’s been in a serious relationship with her manager, Shell Dawes, for 4 years. Although Shell is twice her age, Reenie can’t help the love and adoration she feels for her girlfriend. It would be a perfect world if she didn’t have the habit of partying too much and sleeping with other girls. Although she wants to put her wild ways behind her, temptation is a vicious partner in crime, one she still hasn’t figured out how to cut off. But she’s trying! All one can hope is that her efforts don’t come too late for her relationship’s sake.

Shell Dawes – MOONGLOW’s top manager, Shell is a bit quiet, a bit reserved. The part of her that longs to paint every town red finds its counterpart in Rena but — really — their relationship is much more than that. Shell always said, “We can’t help who we fall in love with.” In her personal life, it’s never been truer. She never expected to find true happiness with someone half her age but she did. Everything would be flawless if not for Rena’s wandering eye. Shell does her best to deal — she tolerates as much as she can, chalking it up to indescretions of youth — but for how long? Is her attitude to Rena’s infidelity sustainable?

Katherine “Koko” Dean – The 18-year-old granddaughter of a multimedia mogul, Koko is set to waltz into stardom on the wings of her looks and talent and family connections. Her journey into glitz and glamour is not one taken alone — right beside her is her childhood best friend, Lilly Morgan. What Koko doesn’t know is that Lilly has secretly loved her all their lives. She just never amped the sand to make it known. That may change very soon assuming Koko can put her appetite for other girls on a strict diet.

Lilly Morgan – Koko’s 18-year-old  best friend since the Pampers Era, Lilly is Koko’s reserved, more contemplative counterpart. Her and Koko have reached every milestone in life together but that is no longer enough for Lilly. She’s always harboured a love for her best friend but worries saying it might compromise their friendship and she’d rather have Koko by her side than not at all, even in unspoken pain. She writes music and creates clothes to cope with the turmoil she feels inside but it’s at the boiling point. One can only take so much and Lilly feels the time to voice her feelings is near. Just when she’s ready to have out with it, Koko meets Reenie and sparks fly. Knowing full well Rena’s reputation as a bed-hopper, Lilly must decide to come clean with Koko or live with the worry that Rena may net Koko’s affections then drop her as she’s done with girls in the past. How Lilly will find the courage to go for broke is open to debate.

Mariska Tarasova – A mid-twenties Russian model-turned-actress, Mariska is caught in the whirlwind that such a transition generates. Aside from breaking out into films, she’s up for every major award in the business. The energy and dedication it takes to navigate that lifestyle begins to weigh on her and slice into her relationship with her 18-year-old girlfriend, Ruby Melville. A sweet-yet-brooding rocker girl, Ruby isn’t shy when it comes to letting Mari know how she feels and Mari feels she may soon have to choose between fame and the girl she loves.

Ruby Melville – At 18, Ruby has already solidified her place in the music industry. Her brand of rock-n-roll proves time and time again to resonate with a wide audience but it resonated most profoundly with Mariska Tarasova, who quickly solidified her place in Ruby’s heart. Happy with fame, fortune and the freedom to do what she truly loves — play music — Ruby seems to have it all but, the more famous Mariska becomes, the more distance separates them and music is losing its ability to console the hurt in Ruby’s soul. On top of it all, there’s Rena. Friends for years (and former lovers) Rena and Mariska begin to orbit each other a bit more than Ruby is comfortable with. Knowing full well Rena is a party animal, Ruby feels her influence is something Mari can do without but how many obstacles and annoyances can she really handle before she feels the relationship she cherishes so much may be destined to crash and burn?

There’s more! But, I’ll leave the rest to YOU as you navigate the pages of MOONGLOW. 🙂


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