I have the honour of having one of the finest artists I know as a best friend! In this section, you’ll be introduced to Virginia Hilton and her incredible work as she and I do our best to bring MOONGLOW to vibrant, illustrated life for you. She’s a self-taught artist from Germany, (now living in El Segundo, California, with her wonderful husband and their two kitties, Fran & Rage!) I met Virginia when she was 12 or so (we played online games together). She’s always drawn, always been so creative and her latest rounds of art are proof in the pudding. In the almost-decade we’ve been buddies, I’ve seen her art escalate to the grand proportions you’ll see featured on this blog. And she’s still learning and improving! A firm believer that we fail when we stop learning (as I am), Virginia’s vision and abilities have only one direction to go — Up!

Keep up with her on her official site/blog at and follow her on Twitter at — (P.S. – I’m the one that gave her the nickname “Waffles!!!” :p)

This is Virginia’s cover art for MOONGLOW. Isn’t that moon BEYOND?! The little heart-crater above the first “o” shuts it down, though!

Here’s a character composite of MOONGLOW’s own Lilly Morgan. This is from the Staley & Andel Pre-Fall Joint Collection Show towards the end of the novel. To make a long story short, Lilly was inspired by a miraculous musician friend of mine, Jesica Hurst. She was kind enough to allow us to use her likeness for this character art and we can’t be more thankful and appreciative!

This is a general portrait of Lilly. Virginia nailed the whole tip-dyed thing I dreamt when this character evolved!

Keep up with Jesica on Twitter at, at her University paper & check her music out on YouTube and MySpace. You’ll love what you hear!

More art to come so stay tuned!


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