MOONGLOW’s 1st Review! Lukewarm But LIKED by Good Lesbian Books

MOONGLOW reviewed by Good Lesbian Books! This is my very first review and — although it’s lukewarm — the reviewer liked my story & complimented the fact that she found only one typo, which has been corrected.

The clarification I must make here is when she wonders if I wrote MOONGLOW as sci-fi in order to avoid “real people & places.” Not true. I wrote MOONGLOW exactly as I dreamed it. I’ve been dreaming of these settings ever since I was very, very small. I would have violated my own creativity had I slipped the core story into a more contemporary setting. I just let my soul do the writing and this is the result.

That said, I can’t thank Flynn the Cat at GLB enough for taking the time and good effort to read and review my MOONGLOW! She has an excellent website I urge you all to check out!


About moonglownovel

Author of MOONGLOW, a lesbian romance novel set in a future fashion world.

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