IWU Interview 005 – Paranormal Author Heather Adkins

What a delight it was to interview Paranormal author Heather Adkins! Read all about her inspirations and latest work here!

Thanks so much, Heather! And many apologies for taking long to get this up! Cheers!


CR: From where does your passion for the paranormal come?

HA: You know, I’ve never really thought about it.  I grew up hearing ghost stories told by my dad and my grandmother; I remember begging to be retold those tales over and over.  It probably started there.  Nowadays, I maintain that love for the paranormal through the books I read: Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher.  Not to mention, I’m a Witch 😉

CR: How much of yourself is in your “The Temple” protagonist, Vale Avari? Would you please discuss some similarities and differences between you and Vale?

HA: This is a hard question!  I sometimes feel like I don’t even know myself; I probably know my protagonists better.  Vale and I share the same sarcasm and sense of humor; in that, it was just a matter of writing her exactly as me.  She has my sense of loyalty to her family, as well as her sometimes detrimental need for independence.  We don’t really have anything in common physically, and she certainly doesn’t care about clothes or many “girly” things.  She’s also not very artistic; she could do without it, and me?  Well, I’m really creative 🙂  The love of my life said that of my three “main” girls from my first three finished novels, Vale is the least like me.

CR: I’ve been reading Tarot cards for seventeen years. I always enjoy metaphysical stories and subjects. When I read the nature of your work, and your personal practices as a Wiccan, I wondered what insight your belief system may bring to the table. Do you feel your writing helps inform readers about mystical and/or metaphysical subjects?

HA: Most definitely!  I am gung-ho about getting the right image of the Witch out there.  For so long, the Witch has been maligned in Hollywood and fiction due to misinformation and fear.  An important part of my belief system is to take back the word “witch” for what it really is: a wise woman who lives in harmony with nature.  In “The Temple”, there are actually a couple ritual scenes that would give a non-Pagan an idea of what a basic Wiccan ritual is, therefore dispelling any “sacrificial” lies.  I love speaking of my religion, and I love even more to write about it because it could be just a few more people who learn what Wicca really is.

CR: What can you tell us about your forthcoming title, “Abigail?”

HA: “Abigail” is part Fantasy, part romance.  She is half human and half faery, and when her supposedly immortal mother turns up dead, her human father sells Abigail into slavery.  She is bought by a handsome man named William McAllister who has plans for her to play governess for his five year old sister.  But the island on which they live once belonged to the faery people; and they’re determined to take it back at all costs.  Up against a formidable faery king and his sexy younger brother, Abigail will learn what it means to be faery to help the humans she loves.

CR: My most sincere condolences to you and your family for the recent losses endured. I wish I had known Cory & Keegan. Knowing that we draw on our life experiences to fuel our creativity, what impact do you feel this is now having or will have on your writing?

HA: When Cory died three years ago, I spent a brief period of time writing incredibly depressing stuff.  With Keegan’s recent death, I’m trying to not go that route.  What I have found is I’m more motivated to write and finish projects; life is so precious and one never knows when it could end.  I have too many stories in my mind that need to see the light before I’m taken from this life.

CR: Will the pen be part of your grief therapy?

HA: Yes.  It always has been and most likely always will be; not only just to write in general, but I have many small pieces I’ve written about or to the people I have lost in my life.  That is an amazing form of therapy because I really believe the people I have lost an hear my written words.

CR: What did you do for Summer Solstice? Anything spiffy? 🙂

HA: I meet bi-weekly with two other witches; beautiful, wonderful women.  Our meeting happened to land the weekend after the Solstice; and the day after Keegan died.  It was a bittersweet ceremony of the broad, hot warmth and completeness of summer as the sun god reaches his zenith.  A celebration of the lush fullness of summer life while I was grieving for Keegan.

CR: What’s next for Heather Adkins?

HA: “Abigail” will be released in August.  I’m currently finishing up another paranormal short story that will be released for free by mid-July.  I’ll be working on revisions to my first chick lit novel, “Constant State of Disaster” all month, as well as continuing work on my second chick lit, “Flipping Spouses.” I hope to have that one done by the end of the month so I can focus my attentions on “Disembodied” my paranormal thriller.  I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire 🙂

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The Temple 99c

Underneath, a free short story


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MOONGLOW reviewed by Good Lesbian Books! This is my very first review and — although it’s lukewarm — the reviewer liked my story & complimented the fact that she found only one typo, which has been corrected.

The clarification I must make here is when she wonders if I wrote MOONGLOW as sci-fi in order to avoid “real people & places.” Not true. I wrote MOONGLOW exactly as I dreamed it. I’ve been dreaming of these settings ever since I was very, very small. I would have violated my own creativity had I slipped the core story into a more contemporary setting. I just let my soul do the writing and this is the result.

That said, I can’t thank Flynn the Cat at GLB enough for taking the time and good effort to read and review my MOONGLOW! She has an excellent website I urge you all to check out!

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